I want to tell a short story to the Panama Country. It happened to me in Playa Venao, Pedasí District, and Los Santos Provinces. I was the owner of the Right of Possessions of a lot located in Playa Venao, Pedasí for forty years. This lot has a size of 1,020.31 square meters until I decided to sell it. After I sold the lot, The sale provoked some issues regarding to the sale of my lot, however, luckily, an angel showed up on my way, that angel was Thomas Lane, who is living in Panama City as a pensioned tourist for more than four years and he has worked as a Investor that only wants to get the development of our community Pedasí.

In 2006, many people offered me many proposals for buying me the lot; all these proposals were not tempting because these proposals just had the intention to dispossess of my property for a price too low. I knew about the goodness and collaborator of Mr. Thom like lovely I call him, I made the decision and I asked him for his help, his advises and recommendations in order to try to make a profit selling my lot.

In attention to my request, Mr. Thom, decided to give me an unconditional support and he acquired an Anonymous Society, which was called Casvilla Desarrollo Urbano, S.A., which the Agreement of Purchase and Sale was subscribed and we agreed that this corporation will continue with the negotiation for buying to the Government in order to get the title of my property.

We did all this process and everything looked perfect until that, suddenly, an opposition against Casvilla Desarrollo Urbano, S.A. appeared. This opposition was submitted by Bredio Borrero. He wanted to proof that our Right of Possession belonged to him and he had the task to cause damages to the property, he destroyed the fences and the signs; nevertheless, his oppositions was not successful, because he could not support it and his opposition was refused by The Mayor office in Pedasí and by Catastro.

Later, we were served that there was another opposition, but this time this opposition was submitted by the Anonymous Society called Catiland Panamá, S.A. which tried to make use of several documents, inspections, and measure the measurements and boundaries, however this claim did not have any documents in proof of this evidential and its claimed was also refused by The Major Office in Pedasí and by Catastro.

Along all this process, Mr. Thom supported me in an economical and moral manner, he never desisted of the convey that we agreed, besides, he offered me his legal assistance that this process required in order to face this type of administrative oppositions.

Today, I thank God and Mr. Thom because we could reach a happy ending and shall feel eternal grateful with Mr. Thom for all the help that he offered to me. He is the type of people that we need in Panamá, he is one of those people which we can put our trust and our hope.

Maria de Los Santos Rivera Medina
Cédula: 7-67-100