Lane & Medina Panama Property Management

. . . . . . . is in it’s own exclusive field of expertise.

We manage your investment portfolio in Panama. Our STAFF is here to protect your interests, to inspect and maintain the real estate investments of all our clients. Our Staff is bi-lingual, and University Graduates, even down to the working foreman.

We visit your investment often during the course of each month. We inspect and photo the land, it’s trees, fences and water resources. If your property has potential rental income, we manage this, as well.

We also assist you in staying abreast of Legislative work in the Republic, the Province and the Municipality. We advise of changes or any activity which may alter or affect your investment. We also refer you to Professionals whom we have had prior dealings and believe in their abilities and trustworthyness.

Our accounting department provides monthly and quarterly reports if income and/or expenses are required in management of capital expense/income and/or repairs.

The L & M fees associated with Contracting capital work and/or repairs is 15%*. All work is selected by quality and the best quotations from contractors. Where possible, and the work required is simple we hire the labor on the market rate, and oversee that the work is completed efficiently and correctly.
* see below

L & M charges as little as $600.00 per annum, depending on the size and type of Investment we manage for you. As stated above, we will charge a 15% fee** of the actual costs associated with any capital invested or maintenance and repair expense.

** In addition to the $50 monthly fee for a lot (by example), you wish the lot fence to be maintained and our inspector finds a break in the fence. Two workers will repair the fence, cut the weeds and trim the trees. The cost of the workers with weed cutters and tools, plus the portion of wire to repair the fence – say is – $50.00. We add 15% and you will be charged $57.50.

These services are a . . . must. . . .for every Foreign Investor in Panama, we are your eyes & ears and we are trustworthy

For further information or land inspection :

Capt Thomas Lane
Chief Executive
Cellular 011 (507) 6-225-8889

Licda Claudia Lisbeth Medina
Executive Assistant
Tel. No.6-747-1927

Licda Ledys Ester Medina
Tel. No.6-225-8889

Licda Esperanza Medina
Consulting Lawyer
Tel. No.6-717-6214

Lane & Medina Panama Property Management. (507) 6-225-8889,
Aptdo 007, Pedasi, Zona 0749, Province of Los Santos, Rep. Of Panama